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HEIDENHAIN-METRO 1281 MW: The Delicacy of Measuring


Destruction-free, non-tactile measuring principles are common, but these mostly optical measuring methods cannot match the precision of tactile encoders with photoelectric scanning. The great challenge is the development of a...[mais]

Fast and uncomplicated help from HEIDENHAIN when service is needed.


It’s a nightmare for any manufacturing company, but it happens again and again—a machine goes down. In many cases, the cause is the failure of an assembly or a device in the machine, and the repair cost is moderate. But these...[mais]

Absolute Rotary Encoders from HEIDENHAIN with Mechanical Fault Exclusion for Safety-Related Applications


HEIDENHAIN had developed its newest generation ECN 1123 and EQN 1135 rotary encoders for use in safety-related applications. They are certified for safety-related applications in accordance with SIL 2 (EN 61508) or category 3,...[mais]

Machine Upgrading:
New HEIDENHAIN Controls Replace the TNC 150, TNC 151 and TNC 155


They're genuine classics among numeric contouring controls: HEIDENHAIN controls of the TNC 150 series consisting of the TNC 150, TNC 151 and TNC 155 controls have been reliably providing their services on milling machines across...[mais]

Absolute Rotary Encoders from HEIDENHAIN
Custom-Designed for Sophisticated Applications in Machine Tools


Absolute rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN for machine tools are high-precision measured value recording devices for rotary motion. They detect position modifications at high resolution and send corresponding signals in high...[mais]

New LIC 2100 exposed linear encoder from HEIDENHAIN


In many applications, a high degree of reliability and large mounting tolerances are more important than that last bit of accuracy. HEIDENHAIN now offers a new exposed linear encoder with absolute position measurement for such...[mais]

HEIDENHAIN Repairs to Meet Customer’s Wishes: Expediently and to the Highest Standards


Technically leading products, durability, customer focus, orientation to practice—these are the values that HEIDENHAIN represents. This applies in particular in the event that repairs become necessary. Then HEIDENHAIN is at your...[mais]

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