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ND 1200 R series


ND 1202 R

ND 1203 R


2 from A to Z

3 from A to Z

Encoder inputs*

TTL (D-sub female 9-pin) or 1 VPP (D-sub female 15 pin)

Input frequency

≤ 200 kHz

Signal period


Line count


Subdivision factor

TTL: Max. 4-fold

1 VPP: Max. 40-fold

Display step 1)

Adjustable, max. 7 digits


5.7” monochrome flat-panel display for position values, dialogs and inputs, and soft keys


  • Conversion of Cartesian coordinates (X,Y) to polar coordinates (R,A)
  • XY/RA switch-over
  • Alignment function
  • REF reference-mark evaluation for distance-coded or single reference marks
  • Distance-to-go display in machine coordinates R and A
  • mm/inch switching
  • Absolute-incremental display
  • Calculation of positions for hole patterns (circular patterns as well as linear patterns)
  • Probing functions for workpiece orientation and reference-point acquisition with KT edge finder: "Edge," "Centerline" and "Circle center"


Hole patterns with a total of 999 hole positions


Hole patterns (circular and linear patterns) with max. 100 positions

Error compensation

Linear axis-error compensation as part of calibration

Data interface

  • RS-232-C/V.24; 300 to 115 200 baud
  • USB type A

Switching inputs

  • Zero reset, measured value output (e.g. by foot switch)
  • Edge finder (through universal touch probe interface)


Mounting arms, KT-130 edge finder, foot switch

Power connection

100 V to 240 V AC (-15 % to +10 %), 47 Hz to 63 Hz; 30 W

Operating temperature

0 °C to 45 °C (storage temperature –20 °C to 70 °C)

Protection EN 60 529

IP 40


Tilting base or mounting base


Approx. 1.6 kg

* Please select when ordering

1) Depends on the signal period of the connected encoder as well as the subdivision factor