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Contact person – Service

Helpline for repairs & replacement parts

+49 8669 31-3121
Contact person – Service

Helpline for NC programming

+49 8669 31-3103
Contact person – Service

Helpline for NC support

+49 8669 31-3101
Contact person – Service

Helpline for PLC programming

+49 8669 31-3102
Contact person – Service

Helpline for APP programming

+49 8669 31-3106
Contact person – Service

Helpline for encoders

+49 8669 31-3104
Your alternative to on-site servicing: HELPLINE+

We hope you're already familiar with our free helplines and on-site HEIDENHAIN technician services. To supplement this offering, the HEIDENHAIN Service department is now introducing its new HELPLINE+ remote maintenance services that save you time and money with greater flexibility.

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Customized workshops

Do you have unique training needs? Then let us know what you're looking for, including dates, topics, participants and locations. We offer full flexibility for attaining maximum training success and optimally qualified staff.

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New sample cycles for TNC controls

HEIDENHAIN controls come with a large number of canned cycles for a wide variety of machining tasks. Even so, they cannot cover every possible scenario. That's why the HEIDENHAIN Service team offers sample cycles that help you individually adapt and expand your control's range of cycles, including highly specialized ones.

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We make provision so that you can stay productive

Ensuring the availability and timely delivery of our parts and products is just one of the many ways that the HEIDENHAIN Service department helps ensure your productivity.

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Workspace camera: keep your work in view

A clear view of the work envelope is important and even necessary for many machining operations. Displaying live video on your control or extra monitor requires connectivity with the IP camera system. The HEIDENHAIN Service department can also support you in implementing a workspace camera.

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Did you know?

The HEIDENHAIN Service department offers more than repairs, replacement parts and phone support. We can create a digital twin. We can integrate remote tool data management into your machine with its HEIDENHAIN control. Our servicing experts even provide training courses that give you the knowledge to fix machine malfunctions on your own.

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Automate with the PNC 610

At the heart of the HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution is the PNC 610 control, which lets you connect external units such as tool, pallet, and workpiece changers to a higher-level control system. The benefits for implementation are vast in conjunction with the PNC basic program. Users enjoy an intuitive interface for machine-tool automation control.

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Answers to your questions

Have you already discovered the Service & Support page on our HEIDENHAIN website? It’s full of resources about technical support and HEIDENHAIN services, including a software and document download center, a video media library or online tips and frequently asked questions may have just the information you need to troubleshoot the problem.

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Update for the HEIDENHAIN Clone

We introduced the HEIDENHAIN Clone in our 19/2017 Service News as the ideal solution for creating a quick and easy backup of your valuable data. A new update of the HEIDENHAIN Clone now greatly simplifies operation.

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Realistic simulation for reliable processes

With the Digital Twin from HEIDENHAIN, virtual machining on the programming station is just like the real machine on the shop floor. This reduces setup and testing time while increasing process reliability and productivity.

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Control your changing systems with HEIDENHAIN

HEIDENHAIN offers automation solutions for all machine manufacturers. These solutions enable changing systems such as pallet, tool, workpiece, and electrode changers to be connected to machines and the TNC control from a one-stop shop.

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Seamless replacement: a suitable successor model is always available

Proven products naturally have their advantages: they are fully matured, their properties are well known, and there is a certain routine when mounting. However, just as naturally, the progress of technology brings new products to the market at some point. HEIDENHAIN places special emphasis on the transition from the proven product to the innovative successor model being a smoothly flowing action and not an abrupt break.

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ESD protection for returned units: how to avoid damages

A unit is defective and you return it to the HEIDENHAIN Service department. But please ensure that units returned to us for repairs are given the ESD protection that they need while on the way. In this issue of the Service News we'd like to give you a few tips about the correct handling and packaging of electronic components and units.

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Connecting an IO-Link Master

HEIDENHAIN controls provide numerous ways to link and control automation solutions. With the PROFINET-IO fieldbus interface, controls can use acyclic communication to address IO-Link sensors and actuators through an IO-Link master.

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Angle Head Setup: We Can Help

Time and again, machining tasks come up that can’t be accomplished using a conventional machine configuration. This includes the machining of internal features, for example. In such cases, an angle head can help, but using one requires making a number of modifications to the machine, the control, and the NC program. The service technicians of the HEIDENHAIN Customer Service Department can provide assistance.

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Cleaning and Repairing of Linear Encoders

The faultless functioning of a linear encoder is decisive for the accuracy of the machine or plant. But the function is affected by countless influences of the daily environment of the shop floor: dust, grease, oil, water and dirt are everywhere and anytime and accumulate on the linear scale or scale tape and scanning head. It is advantageous if there is a strong partner to assist you with a fast repair!

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HEIDENHAIN Touch Probes – Fast Replacement in the Event of Collisions

On machine tools, especially on milling machines and machining centers, HEIDENHAIN touch probes help.

When the workpieces are probed, it is possible that collisions occur and the touch probe is damaged. In this case HEIDENHAIN is ready to provide several solutions.

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Motor repairs at HEIDENHAIN

The HEIDENHAIN Service department in Traunreut, Germany, has founded a new inspection and repair station for motors. It is dedicated to the repair of all asynchronous and synchronous motors of the QAN and QSY series in Traunreut. Thanks to the new inspection and repair station, we have reduced repair times to three to four weeks. We offer a rush repair service with a turnaround of just a few days.

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